Welcome to my family's ancestry site. My name is Dieter Retz and my dearly beloved wife was Pamela, maiden name Pamela Marion Russell (1944-2003). Sadly, Pamela passed away after Christmas 2003 following a 10 year fight against breast cancer. Read her obituary published in the Warrandyte Diary. She is buried at the Nillumbik Cemetery at Diamond Creek with her ancestors. I now live at Templestowe, Victoria and my eldest daughter and grandchildren live at nearby Warrandyte. My younger daughter resides overseas until later this year.

The family descends from ancestors who came from Wurttemberg in Germany, many different counties in England, Fife in Scotland and Tipperary in Ireland. My father came to Australia from Germany in 1927 but 86 years earlier, Pamela's ancestors were pioneers of Melbourne in the Port Phillip District of New South Wales later to become the Colony of Victoria and then a State of the federation. The ancestors of my grandchildren on their father's side are also included here.

Pamela and I had been researching our families for ten years and compiled details of over 24,000 related individuals. But all are not here as living persons less than 100 years of age are excluded. Those that are included are direct line ancestors, their siblings, their spouses and other related branches known to have settled in Australia.

A word of caution though - not all branches have been completely researched by reference to primary sources. The information here, that has not yet been researched, is from public records or secondary sources, widely available to family historians. I do however believe the information is both accurate, logical and given time will prove to be correct.

It must also be stated here that the information presented has been gathered through collaboration with many, many other people also interested in family history. I thank them all. In some cases, professional researchers have been engaged where primary sources have limited accessibility.

A part of this database also appears in "My Moreland Family" that Pamela wrote and I published in 1999. It has been distributed to family members in Australia. A Judges' Commendation was received for the book at the annual Henderson Awards hosted by the Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies.

Should you, a visitor to this site, determine or suspect a connection with our family I would be delighted to hear from you either by email or by writing to DJ Retz, PO Box 181, Warrandyte, Victoria 3113, Australia.

Send an email to if you would like to contact me about our ancestors, or about this web site. This web site was last updated on 3 Mar 2019. It uses proprietory software that I wrote myself. If you wish to learn more about this genealogy program click on the 'About' link above or contact me.

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